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Information Technology

Flexibility, Customization, and Real-Time Data Tracking

Information technology is the backbone of GTS Group’s operations—and a critical component of its quality-driven service offerings.  GTS’ IT Department closely monitors global logistics industry standards and trends, while regularly updating and enhancing the company’s technology capabilities.

Highlights of our information technology program include:

                All offices, departments and key partners are electronically linked through our state-of-the-art operating system, website, and Microsoft Outlook.

               Web Tracking, our end-to-end logistics software, automates and streamlines the process of creating and managing shipments.  EDI and XML Internet-based tracking and tracing, and AES filing enable GTS to manage operations from quotation through accounting with complete data exchange capabilities.  Key components include:

                Real-time tracking and tracing system linked electronically to the airline and steamship lines’ systems, and updated at least twice hourly.  An additional quality control, GTS has a tracking specialist who monitors shipments en route and corrects any discrepancies within the carriers’ data base, ensuring that our systems accuracy.

            Flexible reporting tools, capable of advanced customization, enable clients to create their own reports.  Reports can be created in Microsoft Excel format using 50 different fields, including origin, destination, air waybill, bill of lading, carrier used, purchase order number, quotas, commodities, status, etc. Customers have access to limitless reports on their desktop. 

                Integrated archive module for document distribution and management automatically scans documents pertaining to a new file and stores them in our system.  Customers can then access our system and retrieve their documents at any given time.

New, cutting-edge web site was launched in the Spring of 2007, with enhanced operational capabilities that enable our customers to request quotes, book shipments, check delivery status, and provide customer feedback and much more.

Customer relationship management software assists the company in organizing—and customizing—all data associated with our customers and our customers’ clients, resulting in world-class customer service.