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Household Goods

Pack Locally, Ship Globally™ 

"GTS is so efficient.  All of the things that GTS does are the things I would tell other forwarders to do."  - L.W, Director of Operations

A year after inception, GTS opened its Household Goods Service, providing airfreight service to US government accounts that managed separate vendors for packing, airfreight, and destination services.  Propelled by our success in delivering timely and accurate information to these agencies, GTS adapted its airfreight program to the commercial and military international moving industry, and soon a majority of US based members of the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America (HHGFAA) followed as clients.  The GTS Group has expanded our offerings to include export ocean freight, import movements, and third country assignments. Today, we are a proud “total freight service to the industry” through our role as a neutral, committed partner to the success of our growing industry clientele.

We invite those shipping household goods to experience the GTS difference, and to “pack locally, ship globally.”  We challenge ourselves daily to provide the very best shipment management services and special programs possible, helping our customers compete, innovate, and succeed within their own markets.  As your partner in household goods freight, we will not only support your current moves, but also help you expand your international business. GTS pursues this partnership through our basic approach to the HHG industry:

Service – the Cornerstone of Our Customer Relationships

The household goods industry is neither location nor mode specific. The same holds true for GTS; we provide a wide range of services, nationally and internationally, to meet our customer’s expectations as a global freight partner.  Our service offerings are broad and constantly growing to meet new challenges:

  • A team of freight experts who know the industry and speak your language
  • Export airfreight internationally with NO CONSOLIDATIONS
  • Export ocean freight internationally by conference and non-conference carriers
  • Import service for air and ocean freight
  • Specialized freight services to meet specific Office and Industrial requirements
  • Electronic documentation and communications to enhance your technological capabilities and access
  • Expert support for US flag required freight

Communications –the Key Element of Our Service

International moving has many precise requirements for success, and GTS excels in helping our clients meet these requirements.  Given the complex chain of involvement in each move, the expedient information you receive from GTS will help you gain business, achieve your move plan, avoid delays, and support your reputation of quality.

  • Fast and accurate quote responses
  • Fast and accurate routing details
  • Electronic airway bills and invoices
  • Prompt alerts to any delays in routing
  • “Confirmed on Hand” notices (COH) when your shipment arrives at its destination

Pricing – a Consideration in Any Market

GTS provides competitive pricing based on reliable routing, trace ability, and cost. As your freight partner, our pricing decisions are very important to us; we will always look to provide best value available to the international moving industry, while supporting our quality levels. The ‘best value’ can be counted on for every move.  Our pricing options include:

  • GTS World HHG Air Tariff – a quarterly airfreight tariff from anywhere in the USA to over 70 destination airports
  • Air, LCL and FCL spot quotes based on individual shipment requirements
  • Import airport and ocean spot rates available

Special Program and Incentives –Another Unique Quality

In support of our clients success, GTS offers a number of specialized programs. Please contact us to learn more:

  • GTS Air Export Incentive program offers special rates for customers new to the GTS experience
  • GTS Flex Credit Program for existing customers allows significant flexibility in their own pricing and customer support

Licenses and Memberships – Our Commitments to the Industry

With our standing commitment to service in the international moving industry, GTS consistently seeks ways to better serve our clients. We stay in front of all issues affecting the industry and our customers, and we represent a true freight partner rather than simply a provider.