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Passenger Charter

Passenger Charters & Contract Airlift

Through its cargo carrier relationships with scheduled passenger carriers and passenger charter operators, GTS has, since 2002, developed a new, proven service throughout the Middle East and Africa - Passenger Charter and Contract Airlift Services.

Using aircraft ranging from 44 seat AN-24-RV turbo props to the Tu-154 VIP jet to the Boeing 737-series, GTS has developed a new niche. Affiliated with three Air Operator Certificates - European, Mid East and African - GTS’ Passenger Charter and Contract Passenger Airlift have produced more than 250 successfully managed flights, including:

  • Transport of oil field workers, trainees and cadets, humanitarian aid staff and base camp laborers from main hubs to remote airfields throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and North East Africa
  • Multi-stop shuttle service from main hubs to points looping throughout country connecting back to the main hub
  •  Service in and out of unpaved and unimproved runways

We provide shuttle jet service between major airports where scheduled service does not or rarely exists. Examples of such airport pairs include Bangui and Jeddah; Dubai and Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah; Accra and Tripoli; Amman and Baghdad, Al Asad, Mosul and Basra; Sharjah and Balad; Tashkent and Kabul; recurring short-hops between Erbil and Sulaymaniyah; and many more pairs in support of government, relief operations and commercial requirements.

Passenger Charters consist of ‘ad-hoc’ or ‘occasional’ passenger airlift needs by various clients, while Contract Passenger Airlift, provides specific support programs for ongoing lift requirements between, or within, specific regions. The benefit of contract airlift is the customer’s control the service schedule, the number of seats available, the space for cargo and extra baggage, and flexibility in changing city pairs, adding additional stops along the route, and any other operational requirement needed. 

Perhaps the best benefit that passenger charter flexibility provides is, unlike scheduled carriage, our charter service we will not leave without you, your team, and all your bags!  This is especially important when your group is arriving at your passenger aggregation, or “step-off,” point from various inter-continental commercial flights in support of maximizing aircraft carriage space and seats. 

GTS Group executes the Service Plan for your passenger charter, including:

  •      Flight planning and restricted airspace and airfield access
  •      Fuel planning in support of remote area operations
  •      Type-qualified, highly experienced pilots
  •      Immigration and Customs facilitation at all charter points
  •      Meet and Greet service at charter “step-off” points
  •      GTS supervision and trouble shooters at “step-off” points
  •      Ground transport of passengers, bags and equipment
  •      Facilitation support for carriage of accepted DGR
  •      Local hotac arrangements at “step-off” points
  •      Catering and special flight support requirements
  •       Flight Alternate and Weather Alternate airport pre-planning
  •      24/7/365 GTS staff availability at all points
  •      Proven and reliable communication

By applying the same standards that have made GTS Contract Cargo Airlift a tremendous success for its customers, GTS Passenger Charter and Contract Passenger Airlift service is reliability to everywhere within the Middle East and Africa; every time.