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Welcome to the GTS Web Tracking System

Once you will have set an account with GTS, you will be automatically provided with a password and username that will allow you to access our tracking tool through the internet.

Web Tracking provides you with effortless and easy access to up-to-the-minute shipment status and shipment documentation over the internet.  All your shipments are automatically posted, continuously updated and are accessible from any computer. 

Such a tool add a lot of transparency to the process, allow you to better measure our performance and to have easy and rapid access to any information and key documentation directly from our Website.

Freight Status Updates are either received automatically from the airlines or steamship lines systems or provided almost in real time by our agents.  GTS tracking staff permanently controls ane verifies both the conformity and the accuracy of the information displayed on GTS's Website. 

GTS also offers a reporting tool that is integrated in the Web Tracking System.  Reports can be customized based on your specific and individual needs.  Key supply chain data can be obtained in an Excel format and statistics can be compiled in no time providing you with key logistics data as average transit times, average container weights per lane segment etc.